We're going LIVE....

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Day 1... OK it's been a while since I ran a forum and I really miss it.

This is about Nova Scotia Outdoors - land, water, sky.... I want people here to share their knowledge and build a community.

Principle #1 - no user tracking. No social connect, no ads. The forum is about as disconnected as you are gonna get these days. Follow the rules. No politics, no hate. be civil. This will be a moderated forum.

Principle #2 - We're in this together. I love the outdoors in Nova Scotia and so do you.

Principle #3 - Open to feedback, and changes are OK. Also This forum is new and I'll be adjusting things as we go.

This forum is from the same guy that takes care of these sites.




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    Fixed the issue with reCAPTCHA prohibiting new users to sign up. 😳

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    I few bugs remain with the rich editor, embeds don't seem to work at the moment.

    To format your post, you can highlight the text and you should see a styling pop-up.

  • looks like there will be an update in a few weeks that will improve a lot of things that are lacking with the rich editor. I see few improvements with mobile version which should make it faster than it is currently (i find it pretty fast).

    Once we get a stable version of the forum up and running I'll ask the community for suggestions for improvements, new boards, etc..

  • Upgraded the forum to the latest version and things should be running a lot smoother.

    The new rich editor should not be working great for you to compose:

    • lists
    • embed
    • heading

    there's more!


    quote block


    😀 emojis

  • forum has been updated to the latest version. Let me know of any issues.

  • the forum has been updated to the latest version. Let me know if you run into any issues.

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